Lindisfarne Concert

Huntingdon Hall, Worchester, Saturday, 30th June 2001

by Caroline Harry

A belter of a night in Worcester.We had a spot of bother locating Huntingdon Hall, but were kindly helped out by the locals. What a pretty town with many splendid buildings. Inside the hall was just like being in church, and it was very hot on there. One poor lady even fainted in the bar after the show. They were holding a raffle at the hall during the interval half way into the show. One prize consisted of 'egg cosies!'. No expense..well, just no expense!
pic on left: Owen Harry, one for the next generation of the band? 

There was a nice couple celebrating, I think, their Pearl wedding anniversay. The staff of the hall presented them with flowers and a bottle of bubbly. Billy also read a request out for the happy couple.
Nice surprise in the set with a new song SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Even Tom Cruise gets a mention in thr lyrics for some reason! It's a song about your other half,etc.

Our kid's had a great time,loved meeting the lads after the show. Owen, our baby fell asleep during the long instrumental bit in UNMARKED CAR, but he soon woke up to join in with FOG ON THE TYNE or THE WEE WEE SONG as it is known in our house. 
pic on left: Caroline Harry and sons

pic on right: Lewis and Owen Harry

Many familiar faces in the crowd, including the ever enthusiatic Mr John Allet, and his lovely wife. Nice also to meet Gary Carverhill at last.Even though he was amused at the prospect of Kev (my significant other!) and I staying at The Rex next month. it a bit wild there or something? Answers on a postcard or by email please!

Many people came up to us after the show to say how nice it was to see the kid's joining in. I must confess, we did nearly miss the show when our youngest hit a chair over in the bar, it just missed breaking the window by some form of miracle. Never mind, no harm done. There were two nice ladies who sat next to me, we got on so well and had a good laugh. They even thanked me for sitting next to them, honest! Perhaps they don't get out much eh? So, if you were there and looked up at THE MUPPETS in the balcony and you observed a family singing the loudest, shouting the loudest,clapping the loudestumsorry, that was probably us.

pic on right: Kevin Harry and sons

        THE HARRY'S!

Set for the evening
Jones gets back to Town Winter Song
Why can't I be satisfied Can't do right for doing wrong
100 miles to Liverpool  January Song
Refugees Unmarked Car
Walk a crooked mile Lady Eleanor 
Poor old Ireland Significant Other
Train in G Major One Day
Working my way back home Jubilee Corner
Born at the right time Road to Kingdom Come
Meet me on the corner Run for home
Two Way Street Devil of the North
Statues and Liberties Fog on the Tyne