Lindisfarne Concert

Abergavenny, Borough Theatre, Thusday, 11th October 2001

Narberth, Queens Hall, Friday, 12th October 2001

Neath, Gwyn Hall, Saturday, 13th October 2001

by Caroline Harry

A Triple Lindy Treat.

Well folks, here I am again with not one review, not two reviews, but THREE!!

Our first night with 'The Lads' was at Abergavenny. It was a superb night, where upon we were introduced (as guineapigs according to Rod) to a few new songs that just may make the new album. CANDLELIGHT, a D. H. D song went down well with th crowd, as did Rod's UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Billy treated and delighted our eardrums to a very poignant version of ROLL ON THAT DAY. REFUGEES was also very much inkeeping with recent events in the news headlines today.

The second night was in Narberth, Pembrokeshire. The audience knew how to let their hair down. We all 'Lindy stomped' the night through. Billy treated us to a new song that I think was called IT 'AINT OVER TILL THE FAT MAN SINGS, a song dedicated to Billy's childhood hero, Fats Domino. Billy had my welsh lady hat as a holder for his pint that night, it strangely went AWOL the following evening. I was a bit put out by this , as I would have liked to have had it back, BILLY!! Never mind, I shall just have to mug another sheep for one on the Brecon Beacons. Kev and I got chatting to Ian and Rod after the show, and we ended up leaving the premises at 1 am! Ian was impressed with the 'Boyo tapestry' at the theatre!

The third and final Welsh gig (Well, at least until March 2002!) was a Neath, just a ten minute drive from our home. I have to tell you, this had to be the best night of all. The whole place rocked. Pity Dave didn't do STATUES AND LIBERTIES on this tour, now that shakes the place down eh?
We made some good mates that night, and exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. Hello to Ken Williams (I don't THINK he had anything to do with the CARRY ON FILMS!), Sue and Roger Murphy (Roger kept passing Lewis, our 8 year old cans of lager, must to his delight and amusement), and last, but by no means least, hello to Mr and Mrs Veal from Mansfield. They too, were sporting the LF web t-shirts! I had to write down the address for quite a few people that were unaware of this superb site. We heard Dave's CANDLELIGHT again this evening, and it sounded better than the first time for some reason. Billy's harmonica playing was great, funny how it can sound much better when it's cupped in the hands rather than on a neckbrace. Dave and Billy have come a long way with their harmonica playing since Marty left the band. The first time we saw them play the instrument at Cardigan last year, they looked a bit awkward with them, but now they look more at ease when playing, and they sound much better. Hope they don't mind me saying, gulp! LADY EL and FOG brought the house down that night. Lots of old LF fans in the crowd that night!
Each night the lads treated us to the very sensual, orgasmic, instrumental piece in UNMARKED CAR. Rod and Dave really 'Go to Town' on this number. No sign of baby HULL-DENHOLM yet, but Im sure we will soon read about the happy event on here. Good luck to Dave and Fran, we are thinking of you. Try not to boss them too much in the labour ward Fran, I know you know the job, inside out . erm if you know what I mean ahem. . (Dave told me that Fran is a midwife!), take it easy girl, let them pamper you, milk the situation for all its worth. Put my name down for a babysitter!!

There you have it, three BRILLIANT welsh Lindy gigs. I'm worn out now, but it was well worth it. Thanks lads for three great nights. Our kid's had a ball with you at Neath, think their schoolmates are fed up about hearing about it already!

        Ca Harry, October 15th, 2001