Lindisfarne Concert

Stratford on Avon, Civic Hall - Tuesday, 16th October 2001

by Dick Williams

An excellent night, with just 4 on stage (introduced by Billy as the Reduced Shakespeare Company) as Dave had shot off home in anticipation of the long awaited event. This led to a running joke involving phone calls off-stage, shouts from the audience of "Any news yet?" and a leg pull which I won't divulge in case they use it again tonight. Despite their saying that it was going to be an unusual night, quips about needing an extra practice in the interval, and of course us all missing Dave's massive contributions (no "Unmarked Car"), it was very obvious that they were enjoying themselves immensely, probably because
of the need to interact more with each other. The fun on stage clearly infected the audience, and the reduced line-up also gave us the chance to hear some oldies which don't normally make it into the set. Meant to write down the running order, but was too busy enjoying myself - sorry. The new numbers sounded good, and we're all looking forward to their release on the new album.