Lindisfarne Concert Reviews

Balfron, Balfron Campus - Friday, 8th March 2002

by Charles Orr with photos from Bill Elrick

'Amazing Grace'

Balfron, not far from Loch Lomond, must surely be one of the smallest villages that the band has performed. The actual venue was in the theatre of a surprisingly very large and brand new state-of-the art school. It was nice to meet up with fellow message board contributor Bill Elrick, back home for a couple of weeks from New Jersey, his brother Ian, and their friend Brian (who had not seen the band before, and was very apprehensive about the gig he was about to 'endure').

from left to right: Neil, Bill, Ian


Resplendent in new suit, Mr. Mitchell seemed mesmerised at his surroundings, "It took 32 years to get here, but we did it!” But he wasn't at all surprised by our usual wet weather (the sun does shine in Scotland sometimes, Billy, honest!).

Needless to say the setlist was as reported on the other reviews, with ‘All Fall Down’ replacing 'Refugees'. The new album was played in its entirety with the exception of 'Happy Birthday Dad', 'Jones’ and unfortunately 'Remember Tomorrow' which was a shame as that is the track I like most from the new CD! [mee too Charles, RG]

Final song before the half way break was 'Meet Me On The Corner'. Is this a wise choice just before the interval? It's not a nice feeling being all alone in the gents toilet with a man who is whistling it!

click on image to enlarge

Good to see that Dave Hull-Denholm is now taking a greater share of the vocals. As well as the new songs ('This Too Will Pass', 'Candlelight', Under The Promenade') and "One World", he shared vocals in 'Run For Home'. Best of all he gave us a blistering performance of 'Clear White Light' as an encore.

I was more than happy to note that the compulsory 'Fog On The Tyne' and 'Lady Eleanor' have recently been presented more simply, and more true to their original sound. Remember those early nineties F.O.T.T. arrangements?

Gig over, the lads zoomed over to the merchandising desk for an autograph session – which looked more like a production line! As Caroline Harry reported in the Swansea review, what a good idea! It never ceases to amaze me the friendliness of the band, and their willingness to chat to one and all. It was at Sarah Mitchell's desk that I asked Billy how his great 2001 project (a house loft conversion) was getting on. He told me (as though he couldn't believe it himself) that the job was actually finished. I suggested that he should write a song about it. Quick as a flash, Rod pipes up, "He has - 'Amazing Space'!"

Brian ended up enjoying the concert, and admits, "They are a good working band". I'll drink to that. Work they did, and to an almost full house. As always, I enjoy eavesdropping on the comments of approval from the audience as they leave the auditorium, and Balfron Campus was certainly no exception.

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