Lindisfarne Concert

Ebbw Vale, Beaufort Theatre - Thursday, 3rd April 2003

review and photos by Caroline Harry

"Thanks lads for one more night with you"

Last night The Harry's set off for The Beaufort Theatre at Ebbw Vale. It's not the prettiest of places, Ebbw Vale, but the theatre itself was a rose amongst the thorns so to speak. I did take notes through the show and compiled a set list. The lads however kindly asked me not to disclose this so it wouldn't spoil the surprise for fans attending future gigs. One flutter of Billy's baby blue eyes and a sweet 'Please!' was enough to seal my lips.

There was some interesting music being played during the interval. If you plan on going to a gig on this tour (and let's face it,you'd be mad not to!) make sure you listen out for The Clangers on L.S.D, it cracked me up. I have no idea who the musicians are but it did sound wacky.

There were a lot on interesting signed photos on the walls of the theatre of bands and artists that had played there. One such framed signed photo was that of one Eric Bibb. You may recall me mentioning him on Rod's website.I don't know when he played at the theatre, but as we are on their mailing list we will be sure not to miss him next time. Rod has also noticed the photo. Perhaps the lads could send the theatre a signed photo too?

The managment at the theatre don't usually allow photographs to be taken. But, the manager was asked and he very kindly granted me permission. In one of the photos you will see Billy stood, pint in hand, wearing a Wales t-shirt bless him. There was of course a resident heckler, he told Billy to stick to singing instead of telling jokes. I disagreed, and so it seemed did the rest of the crowd. Billy knows how to tell a good joke. How he manages to get us all to believe him when he mentions having a row with 'The Wife' it's so funny. You see a lot of serious faces around you, and people must be thinking 'Poor chap, fallen out with his missus, and here he is on stage opening up his heart to us', only to have us seconds later roll about with hysterics with the punch line. A man of many talents is our Mitch.

The lads seemed to be drinking the usual Guiness on stage. Billy just stopped himself in time when he was about to ask us if we had 'Brains' there. I think, well, I hope he was refering to Brains beer. He did get us all excited when he told us that there should be a new album called 'Fog On The Tyne' heading towards the valleys. He asked if there was a Virgin Megastore in the town. What's a 'Megastore' anyway? I know what a virgin is, not that there seems to be many about in the valleys. I'd better stock up on gramophone needles before this hip new LP arrives in town.

If you are going along to see the "Triffic Trio" soon then you will have some lovely surprises I can assure you. The set they played at Ebbw Vale was a real mixed bag spanning many years of the life of the band, some buried treasures were unearthed. Dave, as always covers the Hully songs so brilliantly, it brings a lump to my throat. He is awsome, and I don't know if it's just me noticing this, but he just gets better and better. The older he gets, the better he sounds. Rod, as always, a true master of his craft. He played a much loved song last night, but it just had that little bit more, it's all I can say. I just hope he plays this song at all the gigs, it's a treat. And Billy, he holds on to those musical notes as tightly as I hold onto the paper notes on pay day, I love his voice. Handy that 12 string guitar of his, saves bringing 2 guitars on the bus I guess.

We were upset to say the least to find that the bar had been closed before the end of the show.If only Jones had been there eh? At least we had a chance to say goodnight to Billy and Rod before saddling up the sheep for a weary ride home over the hillsides. Billy, was wearing a saucy little apron (a money belt in fact) and he was doing well selling these 'seedy' things. What are they then? Do you put your mug of cocoa on them while you listen to the gramophone? They shine these 'seedy' things and they are very pretty anyway.

Radio Wales were recording the show too, so I hope to have some news about that shortly or perhaps Mr Laidlaw will be able to enlighten us with details, we shall see. I'll try and record it of course, I just hope I don't miss it!! It was a great night, and the acoustic trio are well worth getting along to see. 

Thanks lads for one more night with you, pity we couldn't get one more drink though before we set off for home. We'll make up for it next time though.The kids had a great time too, they couldn't wait to tell their mates at school this morning that they had been to see the lads again. The teachers are often impressed as they remember the band from their college days. 

How cool is that?!!

    Caroline Harry, 4th April 2003