Lindisfarne Concert Reviews

Newtown, Theatre Hafren- Friday, 13th June 2003

by Caroline "I felt like a true Lindy anorak" Harry

Quality time with the fans

It was so good to see the full Lindy line up last night at Newtown.The gig had a real rocky feel to it and the audience were really up for it. Both old and new material went down a treat. Kev and I were the only ones wearing Lindisfarne t-shirts. It was then that I felt like a true Lindy anorak. I can't ever remember that happening before, it was quite funny.

I brought along even more Wales t-shirts for the lads. I think that by now I must have exhausted supplies of Welsh t-shirts in the South Wales valleys. Newtown was a pretty place and we had never been there before but have passed it a few times on our way to other places. We may go back again when the kids are off school in the summer holidays and have a look around Builth Wells too. Again, that's a town that we only usually pass through. We do get to see some pretty towns and villages on our way to Lindisfarne gigs. Kev and I stood for a while on the bridge just by the Elephant and Castle pub and watched a family of ducks fussing around in the river, mum, dad and about half a dozen chicks in a hurry to get nowhere in particular. It was then that I wished that we had brought the kids with us and I must admit I felt a little homesick.Yeah,I know,I'm an old softie. It's nice sometimes though not to have the kids around as we do things just for them most of the time anyway. You know how it is when kids come along, they always come first. We stopped off at a pub for a drink to pass some time before the gig then made our way to the theatre, the evening sun burning our backs as we walked.

When we got to our front row seats we could see an 'Alien guitar' and keyboard on stage. "Hello!", says I, "A new Lindy band member perhaps?" or "Perhaps Dave has taken my hints and is going to play the keyboard to accompany One More Bottle Of Wine? Yahoo!!!". 

Nope, it was for the support act, a duo calling themselves River Blue. Support act?? But I hate support acts. I felt a sulk coming on. But,do you know what?they were rather fact I was well impressed. 

Sid was on guitar and vocals and Ed was on keyboard. Sid had a fantastic voice and he reminded me of a fave Welsh singer of mine, Martyn Joseph. Some songs Ed joined in on backing vocals and it had a sound of Simon and Garfunkelwell, slightly, no bad thing mind you. Ed's keyboard skills were not unlike Jools Holland's style. They were a great support act and a pleasure to listen to. I'm tempted to see if they will have a cd on sale. It was one heck of a mixed bag of folk at the gig. One guy was sporting a pink mohican, a rare sight at a Lindy gig don't you think? Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses was there too wearing a dinner jacket with tails. I felt quite underdressed don't you know. Just wish I had asked these fellas if I could take their photos now. Photos were not allowed to be taken in the theatre, which is a great shame.We were sat in the front row, so I could have taken some cracking pictures.

After the gig the lads were selling cd's at a fast and furious speed. No t-shirts were on sale so they may have sold out. Luckily mine wasn't ripped off my back. I had the new Lindy t-shirt on and Kev had his website polo shirt on. We had looked around on our walk around the town for Lindisfarne posters. There wasn't even one to be seen. The foyer to the theatre were plastered with posters before the gig however. After the gig the walls were stripped and posters were thrust under the lads noses for them to sign. People were walking away, eyes fixed on their souvenir posters with a satisfied grin on their faces. They had a brilliant night out and all I could hear as people walked past was compliments about the band.Very happy customers indeed.

Set List - Part 1
Fog On The Tyne (We all went nuts, what a cracking start to a gig!)
No Time To Lose
Anyway The Wind Blows
Lady Eleanor (Welcome back Lady E, we missed you)
Under The Promenade
Ghost In Blue Suede Shoes (Line dancers will be shot on sight)
Two Way Street
Born At The Right Time

This is where I get to pretend to be Uri Geller with a concrete tub of ice-cream with a plastic distorting spoon.Why is ice-cream ALWAYS so hard at theatres? Answers on a postcard please!

Part 2
Walking Back To Blueberry Hill (Young Master Owen Harry's favorite song)
Train in 'E' Major (Nice deep voice essential for this song)
Significant Other (Featuring Tom Jones,now that's unusual!)
One Day (Billy on lead vocals with stunning harmonising from Dave)
Unfinished Business (I get a wink from Billy as he sings about wearing his Homer Simpson tie. Some of you may  remember that I bought a Homer Simpson tie for Billy as a joke. Billy even mentioned it in the Lindisfarne newsletter, I was so touched)
Rock 'n' Roll Phone (Ah, yes, the song where I embarrass all around me with my hand jiving etc. Kev was under his seat at this point, sorry dear)
Road To Kingdom Come
Run For Home (oh oh, feeling kinda homesick again)

Clear White Light
Devil Of The North (Billy's G string went 'TWANG' under the strain bless him)

I think we all suffered from vibration white finger as we stomped and clapped for all our worth until the lads came back on stage. It was a brilliant night and as always great to chat to the lads and have a drink in the bar after the show. Quality time with the fans.. ahhh it's what makes these lads so special I think. We chatted to all the lads but as usual Kev and I seemed to latch onto Ian. He is just so amuzing to chat to, it's impossible to tear ourselves away from him. We talked mostly about art and photography.

Yeah, it was a fantastic night, so I hope you lot get along to a gig soon, especially after reading this review therfore I'm whetting your appetites. It was a long drive back home to Swansea but heck, it was worth the trek. We listened to Promenade, and it actually kept me awake. Nine times out of ten I fall asleep in car on the way home after a gig but I had such a great time I was still hyped up, even though I was very tired. I'm still smiling today, it was one heck of a night.

Cheers lads!

Caroline Harry June 14th 2003