Lindisfarne Concert Reviews

Market Bosworth Festival - Sunday, 29th June 2003

by Julia Franks

probably the best gig I have been to

The Bosworth Battlefield site was the venue for the very civilised concert. People started arriving at around 5.30pm armed with deck chairs, picnic tables, hampers & cool boxes. Some even had barbeques. We found ourselves a place at the front (as usual), & settled down to the wonderful picnic Sue had prepared. Geoff by this time was feeling very nervous as he was introducing the lads. At 7.30pm prompt Geoff appeared on “stage”, (well 2 TNT trailers actually!!). With great enthusiasm he welcomed us to The Forket Mosworth Bestival. (Sorry Geoff I couldn’t resist), the lads as they had promised where right behind him. Geoff introduced them separately which I thought was a lovely touch.

Within the first few bars of Fog On The Tyne the sell out audience of 1000 were captivated. No Time To Lose with the crowd clapping along, smiles on everyones faces. Anyway The Wind Blows, This Too Will Pass, were well received. Cheers for Lady Eleanor, I overheard many people saying where & when they bought Nicely Out Of Tune. Promenade with the subtle hint of CD's for sale at the interval. Can’t Do Right, husbands looking at wives with that “knowing” look. Ghost In Blue Suede Shoes, Born At The Right Time a song that always goes down well. Meet Me On The Corner had the crowd singing along; Two Way Street ended the first set. 

The merchandise sold well in the interval, people couldn’t decide between Neighbourhood or Promenade so were persuaded to buy both, then of course they needed Classic Lindisfarne so they could listen to the favourites. 

Second set started with the unmistakeable sound of Unmarked Car (Geoff & Sues’ favourite). The crowd were in awe of the wonderful guitar playing of Rod. This Guitar Never Lies, Blueberry Hill, Train In G Major (or as its know known E major). Winter Song, Significant Other, One Day. Then the party really started Unfinished Business had people dancing in the wings as more people joined in the crowd came to the front. Rock & Roll Phone brought more people to the front, Kingdom Come & around half the audience where at the front dancing the rest were dancing around their picnic hampers. Run For Home, had eveyones arms in the air the scene was fantastic, the atmosphere electric. The second set was over, but the crowd cheered & clapped for more. Clear White Light had everyone singing along, everybody on their feet. Devil Of The North brought the evening to a close.

More CD sales, people wanting to shake hands with the band, to tell them how much they had enjoyed the gig. The children clutched posters in their hands patiently waiting for autographs, Billy as always with a joke & kind word for each one of them.

The people of Market Bosworth are warm & friendly; they had turned out in March to see Rod play at the Dixie Arms. Enjoying his performance they went to see the Acoustic Trio when they played nearby, now they had enjoyed a fabulous night with the full band. 

Lindisfarne has found yet more new fans. The conversations I had with total strangers who just wanted to say how much they had enjoyed the night. People recalling all the albums they had in the loft, which were now going to be dusted off.

This was probably the best gig I have been to, the atmosphere was great. A wonderful night spent in excellent company.

Thank-you to Geoff & Sue for their hospitality, Peter Gilmore for his company, my new friend Owen, Sparks for keeping it going, but most of all
         a big thanks to the lads for just being Lindisfarne