Lindisfarne Concert Review

The Point, Cardiff - Saturday, 4th October 2003

by Caroline Harry

"my feet ached, my ears rang, my hands were sore from clapping and my throat was dry and my voice all husky"

The Milford Haven gig was a good night.The lads sure knew how to illuminate The Torch Theatre. I was unable to take photos at this event so it kinda takes the shine off doing a review. The seats were as hard as church pews. Ok, so I haven't been to chapel for a while, but my poor butt remembers that numbness that sets in after being seated for more than 30 minutes. So, it's a thumbs down for the theatre not allowing pictures to be taken for the Lindisfarne website and for their seats, but, a mega thumbs up for keeping the bar open for after the show. Us fans love spending time chatting to the lads and buying them drinks after a gig, it's so special, real quality time.

It was so nice to see young Tom Mitchell on the merchandise stall. The last time Kev and I saw him was at his dads gig in The Maggie Bank where he accompanied Billy on keyboard and he sang a few solo's too, to a delighted crowd. He showed us a real neat celtic tattoo on his back, nice one Tom.

It was a good crowd at Milford Haven, but being stuck in our seats does make us come across as being, shall I say, reserved? The crowd didn't sing the naughty lyrics to the opening number Fog either, espite Billy allowing a pause for us to do so. Kev and I were up for it, but the others, tut tut!

The highlight for me was during 'Unfinished Business'. I bought Billy the famous Homer Simpson tie the last time the band played at Cardiff,a nd he tells me that he still has it. During the song he made eye contact with me as he sang about the tie. I'm sure that my heart stopped for a moment, it made my night, really it did.

I managed to pass some new Wales t-shirts on to the lads, along with two Welsh lady rag dolls for Daisy and Eliza. Ian proudly showed us photos of his little girl. What a sweet little thing with a mop of blonde curls she is.

The next night,on to Cardiff at The Point. There we met up again with our good friend Mick (it's what it said on his t-shirt) Fisher. Mick and I share a similar, if not warped, sense of humour. Now, this crowd were amazing. They sang their hearts out and danced until the last cord was strummed on the guitars and the last beat bashed out on the drums. My feet ached, my ears rang, my hands were sore from clapping and my throat was dry and my voice all husky. So,a s you may gather, it was a jolly good night.

Being on your feet at a Lindy gig is the business, it's what legs were invented for after all. I think I put Dave off his stroke on the opening number 'Fog'. You must all know the bit where one of the lads (usually Rod) twangs the strings in a comical nicely out of tune way. Just at the right time (remember,comedy is all about timing!) I did a high kick with my right leg,much to Dave's amusement. It must have looked like my knicker elastic had given up "TWANG". Oh what the heck, I was out to enjoy myself and let my hair down.
Do you know, I think this had to be the first time EVER that I have heard a crowd sing along to Winter Song. Usually you can hear a pin drop during this song, but no, we all joined in. We even finished the last verse of Lady E just as Billy had paused, we took over. He looked at Rod and smiled.

The crowd were on a high that night. Mind you, it could have been something to do with the paint fumes of the recently refurbished venue adding to the ambience. I was half expecting The Queen to pop in for a bit of a boogie. Did you know that she thinks that the world smells of wet paint? Oh yes, it's because when she visits a place there is usually some poor bloke 200 yards in front of her, frantically slapping paint on walls *Big Cheesy Grin*.

The Cardiff crowd seemed to know all the old and new songs. Rod's Whisky Highway went down a treat with backing vocals from the crowd again. The sound was amazing at the venue, with it's high ceilings (The Point is an old church). The lighting was great too. 'The Point' was illuminated in large white lettering abover the stage, it looked fab.

During on song, we sang so well a spotlight was put on us, this caused much cheering and applause. It was as if we had stolen the show for a moment. We nearly gave that lads as much of a good time as they gave us, if that could be at all possible. 
So, roll on Abergavenny lads. The welcome mats will be on the doorsteps, and who knows, there may be more Wales t-shirts to add to your collection too.