Lindisfarne Concert Review

Mick Jagger Arts Centre, Dartford - Saturday, 18th October 2003

by John Grenfell

" The dancing 5 for devil were a joy to behold"

The centre of course is named after the old rocker who attended the local school. Rod announced how delighted and proud they were to be playing the Mick Jagger Centre and said, " We are looking forward to next year when the Rolling Stones will be playing the Billy Mitchell Centre in Cullercoats!"

Whenever I see the band they play a song which for some reason is transformed. Recently No Time to Lose and Passing Ghosts have come into this category. On this tour the highlight has been One World. I can't say why because I've always loved this song but in preparing for the tour a little magic has been breathed into it and made it a highlight that anyone would have been proud to have written.

Everything about this show was spellbinding - Winter Song, Statues, Meet me on The Corner which always gets the crowd going were superb. Whisky Highway sounded better than ever, the guitars in Unmarked Car were excellent. Ray's understated drumming and the voices of Billy, Dave and Ian were world class. Remember Tomorrow has made its way into my personal Lindisfarne top 10, knocking Lady Eleanor out in the process. I even enjoyed Devil Of The North although I still would not have it after Clear White Light.

The centre has tiered seating and no stage so from row P we had an excellent view of Billy's feet which were active throughout the show as the other eight were during the final numbers. We could also see the rest of the crowd and witness what a great time they all had. 

It's been a special week rounded off by seeing Nigel Stonier's other bunch of mates, Fairport Convention, at a local gig with Claire Hammill. Long may these people continue to give so much joy and pleasure to so many. (Little did I know then)

Let's hope this answers the person on the message board who didn't enjoy the gig.

Funny, we thought the band looked so together. The dancing 5 for devil were a joy to behold.