Lindisfarne Concert Review

The Waterfront, Norwich - Sunday, 19th October 2003

by Margaret Kilner

"Nothing good ever lasts"

We had hoped to arrive in Norwich by boat. Not just any boat, but a 70 year old traditional Broads sailing boat. However, the dictates of time and other commitments meant we arrived, boringly, by car. That was the only boring part of the evening though, apart from perhaps the longer than expected wait for the band to appear on stage. My ticket said 7.45, but it was a full 20 minutes after that before they appeared. All restlessness was forgotten though as the music took over, from the first chords of Fog on the Tyne through to the final crashing drums at the end of Devil of the North.

Perhaps the small, standing only venue played a part, but this was the band in fine form and rocking for all they were worth, particularly during the second set. The crowd sang along and cheered every number enthusiastically. Billy had a new and excruciating joke as well as plenty of one-liners. Dave put his whole heart into singing Alan's songs and Rod's playing was out of this world.

We had a new and exotic intro to Unmarked Car, which seemed to be caused by Ray starting before Dave was ready. Dave was still tuning his guitar, so the rest of the band played round him; Billy grinning his head off. I'm not sure it was tuneful, but it was different!

It was a real treat to hear songs such as Whisky Highway and Statues and Liberties mixed in with the old standards: Lady Eleanor ("if you don't know this one you're at the wrong gig"), Run for Home ("you lot sing this on your own - you're big enough") and the welcome return of Clear White Light.

The only disappointment was that they finished spot on 10:30 - just as, being a Sunday, the shutters came rattling down on the bar. Now, if they had just started those 20 minutes earlier….

We left this gig on a real high, hoping that it would not be too long before we were able to see Lindisfarne at the Waterfront again. Sadly, it is not to be.