Lindisfarne Concert Review

Assembly Rooms, Ludlow - Friday, 24th 2003

by Alison Waldron

"There's not been so much excitement in Ludlow for ages"

Ludlow is normally associated with good food. So proud are the townsfolk, that they have even produced bookmarks claiming: "You're never too far away from a Ludlow sausage." But not tonight. Tonight Lindisfarne were back in town.

We nearly missed the start because we had to fight our way into the foyer where some young lads had gathered hoping to get some tickets. Unfortunately for them, all tickets were sold. Their faces were full of disappointment. What's this? Young lads wanting to see Lindisfarne? Things are looking up, I thought.. 

There's not been so much excitement in Ludlow for ages. And what a night it was!

Billy had a few problems finding his notes and was heard saying: "It's only Ludlow." And he would be right. Ludlow folk aren't fussy - anything goes. Maybe that's not quite true. Lindisfarne aren't just any band and have nothing to prove. 

The first part of the performance began with "Fog on the Tyne". Dave sang "Under the Promenade" in that way that he does. By the way, for those of you who don't know, Ludlow doesn't have a promenade, as Billy quite rightly pointed out. Rod sang "Significant Other" followed by Billy with "Remember Tomorrow" and "Unfinished Business". Other ones sang from the Promenade album were "This Guitar Never Lies", "Rock 'n' Roll Phone" and I think a couple of others. Foot tapping and hand clapping could be heard around the auditorium as well as the screams when the towel was brought out! (for crying, apparently)

During the interval, I noticed a lot of sad faces walking around. "But 3 of them are doing an Acoustic Tour," I said - so not  all is lost.

In the second part of the performance Lindisfarne gave us some songs from 'Here comes the Neighbourhood' album - which I'm pleased to say, is one of my favourite albums. Take note. Billy started off with "Born at the Right Time" and this was followed by "One Day", "Devil of the North", "Unmarked Car" and Rod's "Jubilee Corner". By this time the audience were really enjoying themselves. "Clear White Light" "Lady Eleanor" and "Run for Home" were sung with such passion - and that was just the audience! At this stage, I must say that even my boss was able to enjoy a couple of songs - via mobile telephone - I've told him though that he owes the band ten quid.

As always, time passes quickly when you're having fun. You know, I've been thinking, you could always do what Frank Sinatra did and keep PRETENDING to have fairwell concerts. Now that would be good..

I, like many others, look forward to the Acoustic tour and many more if you keep thinking like Frank!

By the way, one last thing. Someone told me that it would have been even better with a bit more flesh showing - however, she didn't say whose flesh, so I can't really add anything to that. I am sure it won't be the last time we see their talent -

        thanks so much for a good night.