Lindisfarne Concert Review

Opera House, Newcastle - Saturday, 1st 2003

by Elliott Wallis, photo by Charles Orr

"I couldn’t believe that was the end"

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For as long as I can remember I have heard Lindisfarne music.

When I was 5 I went to my first concert in the Queens Hall in Hexham where we had front row seats – I hate to say this but I fell asleep! Over the next 3 years I saw them several times and I grew to love their music more and more.

My favourite songs are Fog on the Tyne, Meet me on the Corner, This Guitar Never Lies, Ghost in Blue Suede Shoes and Devil of the North.

When my mum told me that she had front row seats for The Opera House concert I felt very, very, extremely excited but when I found out they were quitting my excitement went down and I felt sad.

On the night I felt sad and excited.

When they came on the stage I jumped out of my seat and clapped so hard my hands hurt. I sang along to all my favourite songs. Near the end the noise got too loud for me so my dad took me out and we went for a chat with Lesley Laidlaw but we soon went back in and enjoyed the end of the show.

It was the best concert I have ever seen.  I couldn’t believe that was the end.

But it wasn’t. We went in to the bar afterwards and I was able to give the band a special present I had made. It was a model of Lindisfarne on stage with a magical spinning globe on top. I made it in the summer holidays, never believing that I would get the chance to give it to them. I hope they like it.

I told Billy that I am learning guitar and piano and that I wanted to join them when I was 16. He told me to work hard and practise my music and one day I could start my own band. I will try my hardest. I have thought of 2 names for my band – Little Lindisfarne or The Stinkers!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been in Lindisfarne. I will always listen to your music and never forget you.

I am looking forward to seeing Billy in Aladdin.

The stage and cut out members of the band were of course made by 8 year old Elliott Wallis and put on display in the Bistro Bar before the show. It took him  2 days to make, and everyone who saw it agreed that it was a great effort. It was Marie Clements, Rod's wife, who asked Charles Orr  to take a photo. She thought that it was such a great thing that it should be made available to the website. [RG]