Lindisfarne Concert, Morecambe 1/3/99

A concert review by Dave Butterworth

Lindisfarne – The Platform, Morecambe March 1st 1999 

The Platform, Morecambe was the venue for my first Lindisfarne concert for 15 years. ‘The Platform’ is the old (rather fine) railway station opposite the famous ‘Midland Hotel’which has been converted into a music venue.

The setting works well in creating a good atmosphere. People sit ‘cabaret’ style at tables (although by the end of the night everyone was on their feet.) Billy Mitchell quipped that the last time he was at this location it was on Platform 2 when he arrived on holiday in the 50’s with his Mam and Dad.

The concert was excellent. The new material came across well with a good balance of the older material (Lady Eleanor and Alan’s outstanding ‘United States of Mind’) for example. What is evident about the band is the fact that they were obviously enjoying themselves, none more so than Rod Clements who was a tour de force with his slide guitar playing (also played Mandolin on Lady Eleanor). Rod was grinning from ear to ear and got a great ovation after ‘Train in G Major’ This is a great song and was particularly well received. 

Both Billy and Marty have a good repartit with the audience. Marty’s ‘Driftin’ Through’ showed the band in harmony and Billy was in evidence with some fine mandolin playing. Billy’s ‘Born at The Right Time’ is a fine ballad. Indeed the quality of his singing leads me to recall the strength of much of ‘The Jack The Lad’ material. Dave Denholm’s ‘Man in the Unmarked Car’ showed his talent also and provided a good intro to the second set. ‘Devil of the North’ had the audience tapping to the beat’ and the finale of ‘We can swing Together’ and ‘Call of The Wild’ had the audience on their feet.

Overall the atmosphere was excellent and Lindisfarne were rolling. Sales of ‘Here comes The Neighbourhood’ were going well. Thanks lads for a great concert. Also, finally a brief word for Ray Laidlaw. Ray really is an outstanding drummer and he provides a solid base for the band.

Keep on the good work. I recommend anyone to see them – a sound appreciation of the past with a dynamic view towards the future.