Lindisfarne Concert 
Blackheath 27.11.99
A concert review by Reinhard Groll

What could I write about this particular concert that wasn't said before ? Of course there is a lot ! It was the only show with a support act and not a bad one! Noone less than Sid Griffin and Coal Porters* jumped on the stage for a 50 min. show of 11 songs. They played (alphabetic order):

Emily In Ginger, Everything, Faithless Disciple, Help Me, Lay You Down,  Memory Captures Time, The Rate Of Exchange, When I'm Out Walking With You (all original songs by Sid&CP) plus My Uncle (Flying Burritos Bros) and 100 Years From Now & A Song For You (Gram Parsons) 

and the audience liked it. After the show there was a demand for the band's CD as well as to get on Sid's mailing list. For those of you who missed to sign, please check Sid's website or send a request to Sid directly via his webmaster Phil Dennison. By the way, there is no cheaper way to get one of his CD's than thru his webpage.

*Coal Porters: Sid Griffin (Lead Vocals, Gibson ES335 and Mandolin), Pat McGarvey (Musicman Bass, Vocals), Dave Morgan (Drums) and Neil Robert Herd (Pedal Steel, Fender Telecaster Custom).

But what about the show itself? Very laid back! The electrified version of When I'm Out Walking With You (from his Little Victories solo album) was a highlight but also a version of Help Me starting with chords in the manner of Keith Richards.

And, no surprise, in the back of the hall Rod, Dave and Ian stood there following the show, always with at least their fingers snipping.

Now what about Lindisfarne ? After a 15 min. break they entered the stage for another marvellous 2 hrs. concert, starting another time with No Time For Lose. (See the original setlist on the left side (thanks Sparks!)).

Actually there isn't much to add to the previous reviews from Irvine and Keswick. Of course I had wished to hear Can't Do Right, Alan in the River, Scarecrow Song and Don't Ask Me (And, not Or!), but you can't have it all..

A big surprise, and not a bad one, was to see Rod Clements sing Devil Of The North and of course Dave Hull-Denholm do Money Game and Poor Old Ireland. Read the guestbook entries and you'll find that especially Money Game was the crowds favourite tune. Thanks Dave!!

What else ? Run For Home! Before the show while Ray, Marty and Mitch were around in the dressing room I asked if they're going to play RfH and expressed my fear of getting another version of that awful one from "Untapped". "Wait and listen, you will not be disappointed", everyone said to me. After the show Marty and Mitch asked me if they passed my audition. 110%, they did. A very strong performance of my all time favourite Lindisfarne song!! They absolutely brought the house down and everyone on their feet.