by Charles Orr

What is a sad Lindisfarnatic to do once he’s found all those elusive rare recordings, finally completing years of sleuthing for the little gems? Whilst flicking through the “Magic In The Air” tour programme of winter ’78, this very question was neatly answered by the Lindisfarne discography which appears on page 23 – “RECORDINGS BY OTHER ARTISTS”

Buttoning up kagoule, it was time to track down and acquire the recordings of Messrs. Hull and Clements, as interpreted by others. It soon transpired that the list which appeared in the tour programme was by no means exhaustive. No doubt more treasures will be unearthed – but meanwhile let’s make a start on what has been found…

Affinity: Early seventies blues/rock band whose second-hand vinyl is now much sought after. Hull’s “United States Of Mind” (2min.49s.) appeared on the ‘B’ side of the single “Eli’s Coming” 1970 (Vertigo 6059018). If you search hard enough you just might find a new (1993) CD copy of their 1970 Vertigo (6360 004) LP “Affinity” on Repetoire REP 4349-WP. It includes the above plus “I Am And So Are You” (3min.34s.) written by, but never released by Alan – powerful, jazzy vocals from Linda Hoyle. Check out 
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Henry Gross: Rod’s “Meet Me On The Corner” (3min.24s.) was a big seller in 1973 for the ex Sha Na Na member. Taken from the so-called ‘yellow album’ (actually entitled “Henry Gross” – A&M SP4416). Reinhard recently tracked Henry down - for more detailed information check his report, which contains an interview with Henry and a link to his website (where a sample of this track can be downloaded).

click to enlarge American Gypsy: In a 1995 radio interview, Alan stated that he liked this covered version of “Lady Eleanor” (4min.02s.). This was the ‘b’ side of American Gypsy’s 1975 single “Angel Eyes” (BTM Records SBT 101), taken from their album of the same name. In my opinion it’s just AWFUL!! They really murdered this classic Hull song. If you can remember the “Soul Shaft” song from the seventies, it is of the same flavour, only torturously self indulgent with the vocal content being more spoken than sung!    right image: Holland release click to enlarge

click to enlarge Barbara Dickson: Her long-standing friendship with Lindisfarne goes right back to the early days. In 1971, Barbara recorded her offering of “Winter Song” for her 1971 Decca album (SKL 5116), “ From The Beggar’s Mantle Fringed With Gold”. This was subsequently re-released in 1985 on Celtic Music (CM029). Only available as an album track, and billed as “Winter’s Song” on the LP, it’s a pleasant, no frills rendition (4min.26s.).

click to enlarge Wishful Thinking: Their “Clear White Light” (3min.03s.) - B&C records CB184 (1972) -  remains reasonably true to the original versions, but is totally devoid of any character. Wishful Thinking -a band from Germany- had a minor hit with "Hiroshima".

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click to enlarge Ian McCallum: Ian (yet one more ‘friend of Lindisfarne’) includes Alan’s anthem for the 1984 miner’s strike “Heroes” on his CD entitled “McCallum” – Rubber Records CD050 (1997). With his different arrangement, the track (4min.01s.) works well, as does the rest of the CD – which also includes the dedication track “Song For Alan”. A further tribute is printed on the back of the CD cover. Good album.

click to enlarge Stewart Hardy & Jed Grimes: Taken from their second album “The Rocky Shore” – Frantic Productions FRCD2201 (1995), S.H. and J.G. (the latter ex. Jack The Lad) give a powerful rendition of Mr. Clement’s “Any Way The Wind Blows” (4min.19s.). The album features Steve Cunningham on bass and Ray Laidlaw on drums.

click to enlarge One More Chance: Not a band – this one’s an album! I am not a fan of multi-artist compilations, but this is an exception – if only for the two ‘Capability’ songs (see below) which appear on it. Released in 1973 (Charisma Class 2), it’s a sampler LP, with a track by Bell & Arc, as well as including better known songs from Lindisfarne, Alan Hull, Jack The Lad, and other contemporaries from the Charisma stable. Worth seeking out.

click to enlargeLemon:  Not much information available on this band however, their version of  “Lady Eleanor” - Decca F13192 (3min.30s.) released 25.6.71 - remains reasonably true to the original.

click to enlarge Tim Healy: You will be in possession of “BT3”of course, with another old friend singing “January Song” (3min.24s.) which was taken from the TV broadcast version of the 25th. Anniversary Concert “Another Fine Mess” (1995). It has been neatly edited – Tim was a bit taken by surprise when Alan mis-timed one of the verses. Thus the TV version is nearly two minutes longer!

 [no image] - Lesley Duncan: Another popular singer of the seventies, she recorded a rather short (2min.32s.) version of Hully’s “Walk In The Sea”- a chink of of light in an otherwise dull LP called “Maybe It’s Lost”(1977) on GM records (GML 1019) also on MCA 2274. Features backing guitar by rocker Chris Spedding.

Melanie: The American superstar sung Rod's "Mr. Dream Seller" Yes, it's that one again!! (3min.33s.) on her rare1975 album "Sunset And Other Beginnings (CBS 69168, also on Arista's 'Neighborhood Records' NL3001). This track has been committed to CD! For more details go to A great track delivered in true Melanie style.

Jacqui & Bridie: 60’s/70’s entertainers on the folk circuits, this duo cut a bland (they sound like a pair of rather old ladies!) version of “Winter Song” (4min.1s.) for a private pressing of their LP “Hello Friends” (Nevis -NEV102) release date unknown. The LP was only sold at their gigs. J.&B. ran a folk club in Liverpool called the New Coach House, where Alan sometimes made appearances.

Capability Brown: 70’s band often criticised a little unfairly. They gave us two of Alan’s songs. A rocking interpretation of the psychedelic “I Am And So Are You” (4min.1s.) can be found on their 1974 album “Voice”. Issued by Charisma on CAS 1068 (Passport PPSD 98004 in the USA). One year earlier they covered as a single (not on the album) “Wake Up Little Sister” (3min25s.) on Charisma CB193. They made a really good job of the latter (in my opinion!), and sounds pretty good as far as covered songs go.
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Caterina Caselli  - no info at all, but  -unless it was just a single- her version of Lady Eleanor could have been released on one of her albums from 1972. left: Come è buia la città 1972 - right: Ci sei tu 1972  

Cumulus  - that's all we found:  click to enlarge

Polarna: 1972 Mercury (Sweden) 6363006 -
Hey, Gamle Mane ( = Meet Me On The Corner)
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The others? We need your help in finding further information on the following:   
Tipperary “All Fall Down” 1973 (only released in Argentina!)
Kuppa-T “Meet Me On The Corner” 1972 Philips TOS 892