Groups To Investigate
from NME Dec 26th, 1970 - discovered by Michael Clayton
(One of the first mentions in the UK press)

Lindisfarne: Nicely Out Of Tune (Charisma CAS. 1025; 39s 11d)
[Note: price in old money. 12d (pennies) = 1s (shilling), 20s = GBP1.]

Every now and then, from the overwhelming deluge of brightly packaged albums which continually swamp the market in a barrage of publicity, one manages to surface and stand apart from the anonymous mediocrity of the majority. One such little gem is this new album from a Newcastle group called Lindisfarne. For the last couple of weeks it has commandeered my turntable, improving with every re-play and subsequently giving me hours of infinite pleasure.
In Alan Hull and Rod Clements, Lindisfarne have excellent tunesmiths, who should find their material being covered by artists of international repute . .. . yes, they are that good!

Thankfully, they defy categorisation. Along with the remainder of the group - Ray Jackson, Simon Cowe and Ray Laidlaw - they produce a warm diversity of acoustic sounds from a permutation of guitars, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, organ, piano, violin and drums.

Nearly every track has singles potentiality, especially Lady Eleanor, Alan In The River With Flower (sic), Rod's two contributions: Road To Kingdom Come and The Things I Should Have Said. Woody Guthrie's Jackhammer Blues is a fine country tear-up and their single Clear White Light - Part Two, has a strong muffled drum sound and swelling vocal harmonies. I'd love to see this on the charts.

In complete contrast We Can Swing Together is a superb boozing anthem which includes a sing-a-long chorus featuring well known members of the Chasse Electric Choir. There's always room for a group as good as Lindisfarne both on record and in the clubs . . . With a little bit of luck they should prove to be one of next year's biggest attractions in both these medias (sic).         RC

Other titles: Winter Song, Turn A Deaf Ear, Down, Scarecrow Song.

Note: How peculiar that Winter Song does not even warrant a mention. I have no idea what the Chasse Electric Choir is. [Mike Clayton]