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La Nebbia Del Po
reviewed by Charles Orr

If, like me you are constantly on the hunt for those hard-to-find cover versions of Lindisfarne songs, you'll be pleased to hear that another rarity is available from the multi talented Paolo Bergamaschi. His recent CD album release "Uomini Senza Terra" (trans: Men Without Land) offers a track called "La Nebbia Del Po". Still no wiser? A clue is in the literal translation: "THE FOG OF THE PO". The 'Po' in this instance being the Po valley, in Paolo's homeland of Italy!

I described Mr.Bergamaschi as multi-talented. Working as a foreign affairs specialist, he divides his time between Belgium, France, and of course, Italy. He is a journalist, songwriter, and if that were not enough, he is a qualified vet, and practices (quote): " In my spare time" - that's when he isn't gigging with his band, or translating the lyrics of Alan Hull's "Fog On The Tyne"!

It wouldn't be fair to review the full CD here; I don't speak Italian, and thus wouldn't be able to give the album full justice. However, it amazes me how Italians can cram so many words into one line of a song! Having said that, this 10 track album is professionally recorded and well produced. His music is semi folky, in a singer-songwriter style.

One thing I can comment on though, is the last track, the aforementioned "La Nebbia del Po". Running at 3 minutes 32 seconds, it's one of the best musical interpretations of an Alan Hull song that I have heard. Hopefully (fingers crossed!), he translated the original version so there is no reference to scoring goals, but whether or not there is mention of a "crooked carribinerri" (or something similar) I will probably never know!

Paolo manages to put his individual stamp on the song, and although no way is it a clone of the original, the instrumental section harks back to the arrangement found on the original 1970 Lindisfarne album. The actual verses although recognisable, are put across in a tempo that almost gives the impression of a being a different song. All in all, my opinion is that this is a cracking track - I suggest you go and find it!

If you are interested in buying the CD, you had better be quick. Only 1000 copies were produced, mainly to be sold at Paolo's concerts. For more details and contact address go to his website at