The Album Poll
Name your favourite Lindisfarne album
Winter 2001

367 total votes and. 1447 results views isn't too bad, but we also had 17425 website hits in the same time frame

As everyone can see from the Poll stats screenshot, it was on Sept 27th, 2001 when "The Album Poll" was opened where I asked everyone to name his/her favourite album. Now, five months later, the poll is closed and it's about time to present the result including some personal comments.

But at first please take my apologies for making a big mistake. I really should have divided it into three different sections "Studio Album", "Live Albums" and "Compilations". A few notes have been made on the board about this but unfortunately a bit too late because the poll was already running for some time.
The result?! Is there any surprise? I guess not. Nicely Out Of Tune and Fog On The Tyne are still the landmarks for Lindisfarne. Didn't they gave birth to those songs for which they are famous for "Lady Eleanor", "Winter Song", "Clear White Light", "Meet Me On The Corner", "January Song" and the Geordie anthem "Fog On The Tyne".
Seeing "Neighbourhood" on the third position isn't a surprise either. Doesn't it show us that the band with new songs and a different line-up has perfectly moved into the new millenium. "Back and Fourth": fine songs and a perfect production. "Magic In The Air": still the best live album, isn't it?