Lindisfarne - Another Fine Mess

Another Fine Mess (1995)


  1. Clear White Light (Part 2)
  2. Squire
  3. Lady Eleanor
  4. Meet Me On the Corner
  5. Evening
  6. City Song
  7. One World
  8. All Fall Down
  9. Winter Song
  10. This Heart of Mine
  11. We Can Make It
  12. Road to Kingdom Come
  13. Money
  14. Run For Home
  15. Fog On the Tyne

Album Cover Info

This album was recorded Live at Newcastle City Hall on the 2nd of July 1995, twenty-five years to the night since our first ever performance there. This show was recorded on the Audiomobile, mixed at Stonehill Studios, Gateshead and edited at Hi-Level Recording, Whitley Bay.

Our sincere thanks go to the fans and friends of the band whose zest and warmth helped to make the night so memorable. Even after one hundred and thirty perfomances at Newcastle City Hall, there is still no gig to rival its uniwue atmosphere and inimitable audience.

Special thanks to the following people whose enthusiasm helped to fuel the entire project:

Brian Duffy who played Accordian and Piano, Rab Noakes, Tim Healy, Ian McCallum, Kevin Whately and Billy Mitchell who all contributed Vocals. Steve Cunningham who supervised the sound recordings. Mike Elliot: Compere and Bar Manager.

Gavin Taylor, Ken Scorfield and Peter Moth at Tyne Tees Television who provided endless encouragement and captured the spirit of the occasion perfectly.

Thanks also to: Berenice Hardman, Front of House Sound Engineer; Stosh, Monitor Engineer; Dave Wood, Back Line Technician and Barman; Billy Dunn, Emergency Beverage Department; Kevin Cane, Lightning Designer; Gary Carverhill, Set and Merchandise Designs; Joe Blacllock, Set Construction; John Myers and John Simons at Century Radio; Peter Brennan and the Staff at the City Hall; Bob TAylor and the Boys from Eventcover; Michelle Dobson at LMP; David Bainbridge at Hi-Level Recording; Richard Slade and Dorothy Goodyear at the Magnesia Bank; Steve Fernie and Paddy Prendergast at The Grapevine Label; not forgetting Steve Weltman and Ray Laidlaw who made it all happen.


  • Rod Clements: Backing vocals; Slide, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Fiddle
  • Marty Craggs: Lead Vocals; Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Flute, Harmonica, Whistle
  • Alan Hull: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
  • Ray Laidlaw: Drums
  • Dave Denholm: Backing Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • Ian Thomson: Bass


  • Brian Duffy: Accordian and Piano
  • Rab Noakes, Tim Healy, Ian McCallum, Kevin Whatley and Billy Mitchell: Vocals