Lindisfarne - Buried Treasures Vol. II (1992)

Buried Treasures Vol. II (1992)


  1. Save Our Ales
  2. Ale Crack
  3. Golden Apples
  4. Apple Crack
  5. Try Giving Everything
  6. Nothing's Gonna Break Us Now
  7. January Song
  8. Living On a Baseline
  9. On My Own I Built A Bridge
  10. Bridge Crack
  11. Roll On That Day
  12. Loving Around the Clock
  13. Reunion
  14. Reunion Crack
  15. Friday Gir
  16. Tomorrow, If I'm Hungry
  17. Hungry Crack
  18. Fog on the Tyne (Pudding Mix)
  19. Peter Gunn Theme - Winning the game (Live)
  20. Run for home (Live)

Album Cover Info

Save Our Ales - Lindisfarne - A one-off single, this ode to ale was produced to help resist the attempted 'hostile' take-over of the lads' beloved Newcastle Breweries by some Australians. We won ! Recorded at Reeltime Studios Newcastle 1989. Produced by Steve Daggett, Ken Howell & Lindisfarne.

Golden Apples - Lindisfarne - Out-take from the 'Sleeless Nights' sessions. Originally written in 1969. Recorded at Chipping Norton Studios, Oxfordshire 1981. Produced by Steve Lipson. Remixed by Steve Cunningham at Hi-Level Recording, Newcastle 21.8.92.

Try Giving Everything - Geordie Aid - The North-East musical fraternity's contribution to 'Band Aid', this track features the talents of John Miles, Olga (Toy Dolls), Brian Johnson (AC/DC), actor Tim Healy and Newcastle's intimitable Mick Whitaker, in addition to Messrs. Hull, Jackson, Clements, Craggs, Laidlaw and a cast of thousands. The writer Mike Waller was a member of Harcourt's Heroes with Jacka in 1977. Recorded at Impulse Studios, Wallsend, Newcastle 1985. Produced by Charlie Harcourt & Mike Waller. Engineered by Keith Nicol. Track appears by kind permission of David Wood of Neat Records.

Nothing's Gonna Break Us Now - Lindisfarne - Recorded live at the Studio, Gosforth, Newcastle July-September 1984. Engineered by Steve Daggett.

January Song - Lindisfarne - Recorded live at the Paris Theatre, 7.12.71 for Radio One 'In Concert'. Producer Jeff Griffin, Host John Peel.

Living On The Baseline - Lindisfarne - Lile many bands, Lindisfarne often work-in new songs whenever they play 'live'. This song was featured in 1984 and a version of it was broadcast as part of a BBC2 TC Special that year. Recorded at the Studio, Gosforth, Newcastle July-September 1984. Engineered by Steve Daggett.

On My Own I Built A Bridge - Lindisfarne - From the 'Nicely Out Of Tune' sessions. Recorded at Trident Studios, London 1970. Producer John Anthony.

Roll On That Day - Lindisfarne - A steaming live version of the 'Amigos' classic show-piece from Marty Craggs, complete with full blooded climax. Recorded by Jake Burns for BBC Radio Newcastle at Newcastle City Hall 20.12.90. Engineer Graham Smith.

Loving Around The Clock - Downtown Faction -Recorded by BBC Radio in Manchester for the Paul Jones 'Rhythmn and Blus SHow'. broadcast 1.10.87. Producer Nick Clarke.

Reunion - Lindisfarne - Recorded at Surrey Sound Studios, Surrey Feb '78. Produced by Lindsfarne Engineer Nigel Gray.

Friday Girl - Lindisfarne - The return of the Cheesy organ ! A single not featured on any album, this track was custom-made for the waltzer at the Spanish City. Recorded at Chipping Norton 1983. Produced by Lindisfarne and Steve Lipson.

Tomorrow - If I'm Hungry - Alan Hull - A real highlight, this one. The melody, though not the lyrics will be familiar to long.time fans. This early demo of Alan's eventually surfaced in another form as 'January Song'. Recorded at Impulse Studios Wallsend Newcastle 1969. Engineered by David Wood.

Fog On The Tyne (Pudding Mix) - Lindisfarne - Every year, the band have put together special intoduction tapes for their Christmas shows. Like many others, this one was being finished even as the tour bus waited to set off for the first date. It's a collector's piece in its own right, hence its inclusion. Recorded at Hi-Level Studio, Newcastle, November 1990. Produced and directed by Steve Saggett, Steve Cunningham and Dave Bainbridge.

Peter Gunn/Winning The Game - Lindisfarne - Written by Jacka and long time cohort Charlie H. from the MK. II band and 'Harcourts Heroes', this classic Jacka plus audience song from 'Sleepless Nights' remained in the set for many years. This performance features a blistering prologue of 'Peter Gunn'.

Run For Home - Lindisfarne - "There have only been two occasions in my career when the artist I've been working with has written THE big hit during the sessions. Once was with Chris Rea and the first time was when Alan Hull composed 'RUN FOR HOME' while I was driving down to the studio to start the album. I'll never forget that !" Gus Dudgeon. This tracks and the precending one was recorded live by Jake Burns for BBC Radio Newcastle at Newcastle City Hall, 20.12.90.