Lindisfarne - Back and Fourth

Live (1973 / 2005)


  1. Intro
  2. Together Forever
  3. No Time To Lose
  4. January Song
  5. Meet Me On The Corner
  6. Alright On The Night
  7. Train In G Major
  8. Scotch Mist
  9. Lady Eleanor
  10. Knacker's Yard Blues
  11. Fog On The Tyne
  12. We Can Swing Together
  13. Jackhammer Blues
  14. Clear White Light


Lindisfarne - 'Live', originally released in 1973. The discovery of the original multitrack recordings of the concert and the longer playing time of CD’s means that the whole of Lindisfarne’s historic December 1971 Newcastle City Hall concert was remastered in 2005 and can be heard just as it happened. New sleevenotes are written by drummer Ray Laidlaw.

Includes 6 tracks not previously available. The complete gig.