Lindisfarne - Nicely Out of Tune

Nicely Out of Tune (1970)


  1. Lady Eleanor (Alan Hull)
  2. Road to Kingdom Come (Rod Clements)
  3. Winter Song (Alan Hull)
  4. Turn a Deaf Ear (Rab Noakes)
  5. Clear White Light (Alan Hull)
  6. We Can Swing Together (Alan Hull)
  7. Alan In The River With Flowers (Alan Hull)
  8. Down (Alan Hull)
  9. The Things I Should Have Said (Rod Clements)
  10. Jackhammer Blues (Woody Guthrie)
  11. Scarecrow Song (Alan Hull)
  12. Knacker's Yard Blues (Rod Clements) CD BONUS TRACK
  13. Nothing But the Marvellous Is Beautiful (Alan Hull) CD BONUS TRACK


  • ROD CLEMENTS - Electric Bass, organ, piano, violin, guitars, vocals
  • ALAN HULL - Vocals, acoustic guitar, 12 string, organ, piano, electric piano, big Jim
  • RAY JACKSON - Vocals, mandolin, harmonica, flatulette
  • SIMON COWE - Lead, acoustic and 12 string guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals
  • RAY LAIDLAW - Drums, etc.


Produced by John Anthony

Thanks to... Ian, Charlie, Pat, Kath, Betsy, Barbara, Anna, Rosamund, Francesca, Berenice, Julia, Dave Wood, Joe Robertson, Jeff Sadler, Richard Squirrel, Drummond, Mr. Bolton, Barbara Hayes, Spectrum, Uncle Tony and all at No. 7.

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Nicely Out Of Tune is 40!

Nicely Out Of TuneYes, it's true...

Four decades have passed since the opening bars of Lady Eleanor swooped forth through the clicks and pops.

To mark the occasion, Bob Turnpenny asked Jacka, Ray and Rod to provide their own personal memories of the circumstances around the creation of what was to become a landmark in British music.

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