Alan Hull - Pipedream (1973)

Pipedream - Alan Hull (1973)


  1. Breakfast
  2. Justanothersadsong
  3. Money Game
  4. STD 0632
  5. United States of Mind
  6. Country Gentleman's Wife
  7. Numbers (Travelling Band)
  8. For the Bairns
  9. Drug Song
  10. Song For a Windmill
  11. Blue Murder
  12. I Hate To See You Cry


  • Alan Hull - Guitars, Piano, Harmonium, Vocals,Guinness
  • Ken Craddock - Piano, Organ, Harmonium, Elec. Piano, Guitars
    Guiness, Wine, Tequila, Pernod, Coca-Cola
  • Ray Jackson - Harp, Mandolin, Vocals, Rude Noises
  • Ray Laidlaw - Drums and Common Sense
  • Jon Turnball - Guitars, Orange Juice and health foods
  • Colin Gibson - Bass, Mental Indecision, Snuff, Herbal Tobacco
  • Dave Brooks - Sax on 'For The Bairns'


  • Produced by Micky Sweeney and Alan Hull
  • Micky Sweeney - Production and high level energy
  • Charles Cameron - The bar that held it all together
  • Ken Scott - Engineering
  • Mike Stone - Engineering
  • Roy T. Baker - Engineering, all of the mix and Woofy Woofy
  • Sleeve Design - Ian Vincenti
  • Front Cover Painting - 'La Lampe Philosophique' by R. Magritte

Reviews (from the Pipedream songbook)

Roy Hollingsworth - Melody Maker

"you can't really believe that out of 12 songs, 11 of them are quite frankly brilliant, and, dammit, after just one playing you'll find yourself humming them like they were songs you'd known for years..... So, I'm overjoyed to report that Hull is triumphant again, and has made what I feel the finest thing to emerged from the Lindisfarne clan."

Steve Clarke - New Muscial Express

"Alan Hull has made a darn good record..... it's excellent. Both musically and lyrically..... With McCartney's writing a mere ghost of his past achievements and Lennon going through a period of musical inactivity Alan Hull is easily one of the best songwriters currently around. Like Lennon he has that Northern bite which makes "Pipedream" a reality."

Jerry Gilbert - Sounds

".... the new Alan Hull album is one that you'll want to place alongside your Lindisfarne collection, and I dare say give pride of place .... the way Hully presents his songs is so compelling, his humour and his paradoxes so Freudian that really it's difficult to stop playing his music...... It's a great album, my friends, everything we'd wanted from the old band and a yardstick by which to judge the new. Alan Hull......has found the charge to extract the music from within."