Lindisfarne - Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights (1982)


  1. Nights (Alan Hull)
  2. Start Again (Alan Hull)
  3. Cruising to Disaster (Alan Hull)
  4. Same way Down (Alan Hull)
  5. Winning the Game (Ray Jackson / Charlie Harcourt)
  6. About You (Alan Hull)
  7. Sunderland Boys (Rod Clements)
  8. Love Is a Pain (Alan Hull)
  9. Do What I Want (Alan Hull)
  10. Never Miss the Water (Alan Hull)
  11. I Must Stop Going To Parties (Alan Hull)
  12. Stormy Weather (Alan Hull)


  • Alan Hull
  • Rod Clements
  • Ray Jackson
  • Simon Cowe
  • Ray Laidlaw


Produced by Stephen Lipson and Lindisfarne

Recorded at Ridge Farm, Chipping Norton and the Marquee Studios.

Engineered by Max Norman and Stephen Lipson.

Thanks to Kenny Craddock, Betsy Cook, Don Weller and the girls of the Weald Middle School, Beare Green.